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Gala Types

Gala Types Explained


Open Galas

These are the most common competitions and they take place all around the country and are run at different levels. Children swim the events as individuals, parents when selecting which events to enter should consult with their child's coach - a wide range of distances and strokes should be entered. At these meets a number of  EGSC swimmers and a coach will supervise them. Children must be 9 yrs and over to attend these meets. Parents must fill in forms by the closing date on form and pay the entry fees for all these meets.

Open meets are run at different levels to encourage swimmers of different abilities and so may have restrictions.


County Championship

These are the first major championships a competitive swimmer will encounter and are held in Feb/March. It is like a level 1 meet in that there are only lower times which the swimmers must have swum faster than by the date of entry. It is not an open meet because they are only open to swimmers of clubs affiliated to the South East Region ASA. In the autumn of each year the following years "county qualification times" are published on the Sussex County ASA website. They alter a little each year (usually getting faster but not always), but the previous years can be used as a guide. If your child is faster than the time(s) published, then for the sake of your child's development as a swimmer (and for the prestige of the club) you should enter this event. Parents have to fill in the form for entry to these champs and pay for entry.


Regional Championship

This is the next level of Championships and is held in May/June. Clubs from the South East Region are eligible to enter swimmers for this event who have achieved regional qualification times. Theseare published on the South East Region website. This is a high level of competition and the club would expect elite swimmers to obtain these times to compete. Parents have to fill in the entry forms and pay the entry fees for this meet.

National Championship

This is the top level of "age group" swimming and is held in August. It is open to all swimmers of English nationality (Welsh and Scottish ASA have their own championships) who achieve a national qualifying time. These are available from the ASA website. If your child gets a national time you would have to be mad not to take them after all the effort they (and you) will have put in to get them to this standard! You still have to fill in the entry form and pay the entry fees yourself.


Sussex League

East Grinstead Swimming Club takes part in the annual Sussex Swimming League. The League is a series of galas between Sussex clubs providing competition that is enjoyable and beneficial to swimmers' development. The League is divided into 2 Divisions, with 7 teams in each Division. Each team competes in 3 galas between January and July to produce a Division 1 and Division 2 champion. The teams finishing in 1st and 2nd place in Division 2 will be promoted to Division 1 for the next year's competition, and the teams finishing in 6th and 7th places of Division 1 will be demoted to Division 2.




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