SSK Network Swimmers Day

The SSK Swimming Network launches their Intentions
Swimmers from across Surrey, Sussex & Kent descended on Cranleigh School in Surrey to attend the SSK Networks first swimming Development day. Swimmers were selected for the sole purpose to help develop the grass roots of the sport of swimming within the South East Region.
The day began by the swimmers being organised into three age groups of 40, 10 years, 11 years & 12 years of age all being selected at a pre county level. The program for the swimmers consisted of being rotated through gym, swimming and lectures that were delivered by experienced coaches with the objective of improving preparation, motivation, target setting and basic skills in the pool such as Warm Up procedures, streamlining, sculling, drills, starts and turns.
The day proved very successful with all the swimmers going home with a smile on their faces and the coaches with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that they had made a difference to the swimmers who attended
Ron Philpot Coach to Crawley SC, Chairman of SSK and organiser said "The day went better than anybody expected and the swimmers had the opportunity to go back to their clubs and use the tools and knowledge to better their development"
"Really successful day " Andy Lobley Atlantis SC Head Coach
"Great day with SSK and it really felt like a "network" should with everyone working together for the benefit of so many swimmers. It did not seem noticeable that very few of us had worked together before and the atmosphere was definitely positively charged". Karen Woolliscroft Coach Shiverers SC
"The swimmers were brilliant and great coaches to work with and looking forward to the next one" Kim Longland" RTW (Royal Tunbridge Wells Head Coach)
"A great day and I hope the swimmers enjoyed if as much as I did.
A great team of coaches to work with too" Sue Yeoman Head Coach Dorking SC
"Really great day had by all from Littlehampton.
Thank you everyone, it really did feel like a team" Sarah Whitcombe Head Coach Littlehampton
"I know the swimmers from EGSC all took away things to think about and enjoyed the day. It felt great to work in a combined team where swimmers could benefit from the experience of a wide network of coaches to support our young up and coming swimmers." Rob Harvey Coach East Grinstead SC. It was great for the development of swimmers as well as the opportunity for coaches to develop and share ideas. David Vine Head Coach Leatherhead SC

What is The SSK Swimming Network?
The SSK network consists of Crawley Swimming Club - Dorking Swimming Club - Atlantis Swimming Club - East Grinstead Swimming Club - Hailsham Swimming Club - Leatherhead Swimming Club - Littlehampton Swimming Club - Shiverers Swimming Club - Royal Tunbridge Wells Monson Swimming Club - Mid Sussex Marlins - Redhill & Reigate Swimming Club are already accredited at Swim21 club Essential level, which supports clubs to grow membership, develop volunteers and ensure the sustainability of activity in line with the objective of the club.
The Swim21 club Network is the second of the three modules to be launched by the ASA for recognising quality in aquatic clubs. The aim is to quality assure clubs who work collaboratively to deliver the athlete pathway in their area, and ensure that athletes meet their potential and are retained in the sport. It will assist in identifying gaps in provision and opportunities available for clubs to increase and sustain membership. Each club in the network will be valued for their role. It is agreed between accredited clubs to work towards the following objectives:
 To retain and increase ASA club members
 To retain and increase volunteers, teachers, coaches and officials
 To raise the standards of performance across appropriate aquatic disciplines
The SSK network will benefit its member clubs in numerous ways and a five year business plan to achieve this is at an advanced stage focussing on the following key areas:
 Governance
 Swimmer Pathway
 Workforce Development
 Communications and Marketing
Further information on The SSK Network please contact
Ron Philpot:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sussex League Gala - 6th June 2015

EGSC hosted the second in the series of three sussex league galas last night, Saturday 6th June at Haywards Heath. After being announced in third place up to the half way point, it was looking like it may not be our night.

However we managed to close the gap and grab the all important 2nd place against the backdrop of an unusually depleted team across some of the senior age groups. A fantastic achievement, and all swimmers, coaches and volunteers had a part to play to ensure the team spirit remained consistently high and heads didn't drop.
I was particularly impressed with the grit shown by all of our senior swimmers under competition conditions and in many cases meant swimming strokes outside of comfort zones and age groups in both girls and boys.

A special mention should go to the girls U16 and open age group: Lenny, Willow, Lara and Megan who had the toughest job. Lara Maynard swam more than a dozen individual and relay events across U16 and open age groups and gave 100% in each one and really defined the phrase taking one for the team!

However, we now need to look ahead and focus on our next sussex league on 27th June.

We have had confirmation this afternoon that EGSC has accumulated enough points to stay out of the bottom three relegation gala which means we will continue to swim in sussex league division 1 next year.

Each and every point gained in all events mattered last night to make this possible. As a team, we should all be very pleased with the result and I thank you for your effort and support.

I would point out while we are safe, let's continue the team momentum we have and not switch off just yet for the summer.
Finally, lets's not forget our officials, referees, time keepers and poolside volunteers that put so much in, week in week out to make it all possible.

Thanks for your support - Team EGSC.

Puffin Gala 2015

Superb swimming from our swimmers in the Puffin Gala held in Horsham on 16th May 2015.  Congratulations on your 2nd place.

Atlantis Spring Open Meet 25/26th April 2015

Atlantis Spring Meet 25/26th April

There were some great swims and PB's recorded by all of our swimmers across the board. It was particularly encouraging to see our younger swimmers, and also those who have only done a few galas, compete so very well done. Rob came away overall as a very happy coach.

At times all swimmers will have low points or disappointment with times on some events. However, swimming like any sport is about learning and being committed. Swimmers will naturally make mistakes, it's how we improve and become more experienced competitors and be the best we can be. It's never easy when you get a DQ, and it can feel terrible, but there are not many swimmers, if any, who have not been disqualified in their swimming careers multiple times. There were DQ's at the British Nationals recently! Treat them as a learning experience and you will improve and become a better swimmer for it.

It was lovely to once again see all the swimmers up and supporting each other during the gala, and offering support when needed.

Well done; Ben B, Ben C, Ed dB, Becky F, Abbey H, Erin , Isabel H, Ciara L, Joseph M, Jake N, Nicole N, Lulu P, Isobel R, Barnaby R, Megan S, Sophie T, Emily T, Oliver T, Danielius T, Luke W, Ruby W

Sussex County Gala Report 2015

East Grinstead Swimming Club had an extremely successful year at the Sussex County Galas in March 2015.  The club had 31 swimmers in individual races.  Both boys and girls teams also had success at the Sussex County Relays events.  Congratulations to all swimmers involved, you were all fantastic and a huge credit to EGSC!

Medal Total (excluding Relays) - 27

Abby Jackson                5 gold       7 silver       2 bronze 

Keira Narraway           2 gold       1 silver       2 bronze

Charlotte Alexander                      2 silver       2 bronze

Maddie Sims                                        1 silver       1 bronze 

Luca Plater                                           1 silver 

Ed de Barra                                                                  1 bronze


Relays Medals

12/13 Boys Free Relay  Silver - Dylan Page Thomas Exall  Oli Thomas  Tallen Harris


10/11 Girls Medley Bronze  & Free Gold - Keira Narraway  Isobel Reeves  Maddie Sims  Abigail Hall


Overall Club Results:

Age Group Girls finished in 4th Place

Age Group Boys finished in 9th Place

Fina Individual Rankings (in top 8 )

10yr Girls     Isobel Reeves  4th

11yr Girls     Keira Narraway 3rd

13yr Girls     Charlotte Alexander 8th

14yr Girls     Abby Jackson 2nd

11yr Boys    Luca Plater 6th



Abby Jackson

200 IM Open Championship      

200 Free Open Championship

All strokes 14yr  Age Group 100m Finals

Keira Narraway

11yr Girls Age Group 100m Finals for Free, Breast and Back

Charlotte Alexander

13yr Girls Age Group 100m Back and Fly Finals

Amy Cowley

14tr Girls Age Group 100m Breast and Back Finals

Ed de Barra

12yr Boys Age Group 100m Back and Fly Finals

Kirk Foulds

14yr Boys Age Group 100m Back and Fly Finals

Joseph Lancaster

12yr Boys Age Group 100m Breast Final

Dylan Page

13yr Boys Age Group 100m Free Final

Rhys Page

11yr Boys Age Group Final 100m Back Final

Luca Plater

11yr Boys Age Group Final 100m Free Final

Caleb Rebelo

14yr Boys Age Group 100m Back Final

Issy Sims

12yr Girls Age Group 100m Back Final

Maddie Sims

11yr Girls Age Group 100m Back and Fly Finals



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