Open Meet Travel Advisory

EGSC look forward to welcoming all entered clubs and swimmers to our open meet tomorrow.  Just to make you aware that the M23 is closed northbound between junctions 8 and 9.  This may affect your journey home, so plan accordingly.

Warm up details and other relevant information can be found in the 'Open Meet' section of the website, or click here


Why Have a Squad Structure?

The purpose of the squad structure is to put some formalised structure into the Club which provides a clear progression path for the swimmers.

It also simplifies the billing process and makes the administration of the Club easier to manage, and brings EGSC in line with many of the other clubs in the area which already operate this type of structure.

The Squads:

It is envisaged that swimmers will progress through the squads over time. The rate of progress will depend on the swimmer’s ability, commitment and attitude to training.

Swimmers will be expected to participate in a pre-determined number of swimming sessions per week, depending on their level. More sessions will usually be available than swimmers will be expected to swim, allowing for some flexibility and choice of sessions.