Who we are

Matt Backshall  is the elected member of the committee with responsibility for overseeing the running of the club. He provides direction and leadership to the EGSC. Matt is also working towards becoming an Official so you will regularly see him at the end of a lane during Club Championships. 


Katherine Ross is the Club Secretary for the Club and has served on the committee since September 2015. She is responsible for planning committee meetings,  the AGM and other general administrative duties required of the Club. She is also a trained swim official,  qualified as Judge Level 2. Both of Katherine's children swim at the Club, one competitively and one for fitness.

Keely Hill is the membership secretary for the club and is the first point of contact for new members.  She organises the trials for potential members, complete all the admin involved in the joining process and welcomes new swimmers into the club. After this Keely is then responsible for notifying swimmers of squad changes and keeping all the membership records and registers up to date, as well as answering many questions about the swim club

Simon Clench lead on providing a varied programme of competitive galas across all licenses levels for the club, plan and arrange the seasonal team gala programme and the internal Club Championship. Simon is responsible for all the Open Meets, the gala payments and team galas.

Vacant Position is responsible for producing and managing the Club account, and monitoring finances.

Karen Young is the elected member of the committee responsible for overseeing the workforce of the club. 

Anna Hall ensures that the club implements the ASA Wave Power policy and procedures. Anna is the first point of contact for club staff and volunteers, young people and parents for any issues concerning child welfare, poor practice or potential/alleged abuse. She ensures that all incidents are correctly reported and referred out in accordance with the Wave Power guidelines.


Jo Evans oversees all club business in relation to Swim Mark accreditation, which is Swim England’s quality standard for clubs.  It recognises high standards of governance, sustainability and effectiveness.  Jo has four daughters, the youngest of whom swims in the PS3 squad

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