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Fundraising at East Grinstead Swimming Club

As a not-for-profit sports club, the Club is always focused on increasing its fundraising efforts. East Grinstead Swimming Club is competitive swimming club that operates to provide young people with the opportunity to take part in and excel in a healthy sport.

Swimming is Britain's most popular mass participation sport, with many children becoming involved to learn to swim, but they soon find it's a great way to keep fit, make new friends and gain many happy memories. The skills that are developed are akin to that of riding a bike, it's something that will stay with you forever and can easily be continued throughout life.

One of the great things about competition is the focus and motivation that it gives children, providing them with the reason to train on a regular basis. Competitive swimmers learn early the important of discipline and organisation if they want to progress. 

EGSC strives to provide a healthy team environment for children, as well as developing individual goals. As a club we are continually looking at areas in which we can improve the coaching standards and training methods across the club, and ways in which we can improve the training environment that we provide for all our members.

Our biggest costs are securing sufficient pool time to provide adequate training across all levels of the swimmer. These costs are met by our members subscription fees, monies raised from the purchase of club kit and selling of programmes for internal Club Championship races. The club also runs a One2one Coaching service with all proceeds going back into the club. With pool costs rising exponentially the club works hard to negate any need to increase membership fees unnecessarily and avoid out pricing the sport within the local community and ensuring we remain accessible to all. 

The Club is looking to invest further in training time and options, but also to invest in new technology and kit to improve our swimming ability to improve and achieve greatness.

We believe that involvement with the Club will lead to an enhanced profile within the local area and an increase in sales via members directly or via the Club website. The Club is actively seeking corporate sponsors to collaborate with the Club. If you or your company would like to sponsor and support EGSC, please contact fundraising@egsc.co.uk to discuss this further.

We would also love to hear from you if you have any great fundraising ideas or you would like to make us aware of any sporting/community grants we could apply for.

Previous fundraising activities

The club's application for the Waitrose Community Matters scheme was successful. There was a box in the East Grinstead branch of Waitrose throughout February 2018 to collect all those green discs

Each of the three charities received a share of £1,000 proportionate to the percent of green discs collected. EGSC's share was £290.

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