Squad Structure

Why Have a Squad Structure?

The purpose of the squad structure is to put some formalised structure into the Club which provides a clear progression path for the swimmers.

It also simplifies the billing process and makes the administration of the Club easier to manage, and brings EGSC in line with many of the other clubs in the area which already operate this type of structure.

The squad structure has been updated in September 2017 to improve swimmer pathways and consistency in coaching. The structure provides a lead coach within each squad and the Head Coach co-ordinating the direction of the various squads. Training programs, individual swimmer coaching and parent contact is the responsibility of the lead squad coach. 

Swimmers moving squad need to demonstrate they can maintain the training guidelines defined for the target squad and that they meet the criteria for moving. There will be squad promotions every three months. Moves will be reviewed by the coaches taking into consideration current age and swimming age. 

The Squads

Performance Squad 1: 

9 Hours of training. Age 11 - 16+

Performance Squad 2: 

7 1/2 Hours of training. Age 9 - 13

Performance Squad 3: 

5 1/2 Hours of training. Age 9 - 13

Development Squad:

3 Hours of training. Age 8 - 12

Training Squads (covering all training squads):

45mins - 1hour 45mins of training. Caters for all ages.


It is envisaged that swimmers will progress through the squads over time. The rate of progress will depend on the swimmer’s ability, commitment and attitude to training.

Performance Squad 1

Performance Squad 1 or PS1 is aimed at competitive swimmers who wish to compete at the highest levels. The Lead coach will work with this squad to ensure swimmers are physically and mentally prepared to compete successfully at County, Regional and National level.

Performance Squad 2

Performance Squad 2 or PS2 is a new squad that will offer the swimmers at the top end of PS3 access to an increased program that will prepare and aid their future transition to PS1. This squad will serve swimmers between the age of 9 and 13.

Performance Squad 3

The Lead Coach for this squad will ensure swimmers are technically competent in all strokes, turns and skills. They will work closely with the PS2 Lead Coach to ensure swimmers are transitioned to PS2 at the right time. This squad will serve swimmers between the age of 9 and 13.

Development Squad

The Lead Coach for this squad will provide a program that improves swimmers technique in all strokes and skills and prepares the more advanced swimmers for the transition to PS3. This squad will serve swimmers between the age of 8 and 12.

Training Squads

Arguably the most important part of the EGSC Club. The squad Coach for these squads will work with poolside assistants and teachers to identify talent and nurture swimmers of all abilities to ensure a positive experience for all, irrespective of their aims. This category includes Amber, Orange, Blue, Green and Red squads. 


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